Is Tom Cruise leaving Scientology to be with daughter Suri? Reports say yes!

“I guess Tom would rather isolate himself from his flesh and blood than risk upsetting Scientology,” OK! reported adding that, “His church and his career are the priorities now.” Tom shares Suri with his ex-wife, Katie Holmes. The couple tied the knot in 2006 and six years after their marriage they welcomed Suri. 

Katie did not want Suri to get involved in Scientology (Twitter) 

However, the couple decided to split soon after. According to Daily Mail, Katie Holmes decided to split from Tom Cruise as she feared that she would also be losing her daughter to Scientology, just like Nicole Kidman did. Even their marriage came crumbling down when church members moved into their Los Angeles home so they could cater to Tom. 

Katie reportedly feared that if in future Suri did decide to follow Scientology, one day she might make the decision of disconnecting herself from Katie. However, looking at Tom's recent decision of leaving Scientology behind to reconnect with his daughter, seems like the actor is rethinking his decisions in life. One could also say that he might be a prioritizing certain aspect of his life. 

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